Update On the Terra and Luna situation

The situation and future of the network is currently unknown. Be assured that we'll stay on Terra as long as possible.
We are also looking to expand to other chains so please give us a follow either on Twitter or Medium (or both!) to keep updated on future DeFi/NFT/Token launch by AzoyaLabs

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TerraDefi by AzoyaLabs

Complete access to Anchor's Liquidations queue on Terra Blockchain

Start Liquidating
Why use terradefi ?

Better Quality Of Life

TerraDefi is the only liquidation dashboard offering all-inclusive order management.
Place, Withdraw or Claim multiple bids at once, cross-market with the most optimized application available.

Full Compatibility

Based on the same audited Anchor contracts as the other Liquidation Dashboard available in the wild, our solution is plug-and-play.
Connect your Terra wallet and you'll be ready to go!


Bid using aUST and keep earning, even while waiting for liquidations.
Set your target and let our Smart Liquidations Platform handle everything for you

Our Roadmap

What's on the horizon for TerraDefi? Here are a few upcoming landmarks

  • App Launch

    Support for all current Liquidation Markets available on the Anchor protocol

  • Community Outreach

    Reach out to the community on various social media and crypto focused platforms

  • Staked Avax (sAVAX) Support

    Add support for the expected Staked Avax Anchor Liquidation Market

  • Bonded Atom (bATOM) Support

    Add support for the expected Bonded Atom Liquidation Market

  • Bonded Solana (bSOL) support

    Add support for the expected Bonded Solana Anchor Liquidation Market

  • Liquidations notification bot

    Real time notifications for liquidation events

  • Crosschain Liquidation Claiming

    Easily allow users to claim their liquidated assets crosschain

  • Crosschain Deposits on the Anchor Earn vault

    Propose a simple Crosschain onboarding experience for users from Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom and Polygon

  • Crosschain Liquidations

    Allow Crosschain users to post Crosschain bids on our Liquidations Dashboard

  • Mirror Liquidations

    Provide support for crowd-sourced liquidations on Mirror Liquidations

  • Partnership Outreach

    Extending our products offering to other platforms, projects and blockchains

  • Liquidations for EVM

    Offer our services to EVM based protocols like Ethereum, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain

  • And much more

    Keep in touch as we reach our goals and create new ones

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